One of our workstations for packing. View of the AVID surface. An RTW master monitor und a combined waveform monitor/vector scope from the Tektronik Co. (WFM601A).

This stage of the work sequence is used to create a complete film/article from the data stream of scanned components.

Processing and editing

  • The film cutting is carried out based on the client directives.
  • We strive to avoid visible glued joints, blank or black screens and all other film-related errors (based on the type of error and the means of correction available).
  • In addition to image correction (brightness, colour, contrast, gamma), which is already implemented during the scanning process, the editing system facilitates the implementation of further image correction.


Synchronicity testing

  • When processing film data, we test to ensure the synchronicity of image and sound (lip-synchronisation).
  • Where image and sound are not perfectly in sync, we correct this via the timeline in AVID, adding or removing individual image frames or modifying the speed of sound reproduction.
  • When desired, this service can also be applied to source material, spoken film or cord.

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