The film material is cleaned by hand. When cleaning the film, we use special clothes and cleaning solutions. The processing takes place at Steenbeck company editing tables. Old glue joints are opened. After opening, the glue joints are cleaned. After old glue joints have been opened and cleaned, we glue them back again.

In this work procedure, the film material is cleaned. This also involves glued joints being prepared, corrected and secured in place.
After this process the cleaned and prepared film material can be stored again or move on to the next step, namely scanning.

Film cleaning

  • Initially, we ascertain the state of the material.
  • To do so, the film and glued joints are subject to a visual inspection using a light box and a spotlight lamp.
  • Loose and adhering dirt (dirt particles, chalk residue, wax crayon markings, glue from formerly spliced joints as well as old transparencies and adhesives for the same) are carefully removed.
  • The cleaning is done by hand, and only using materials which do not harm the surface of the film. For this purpose, we recommend alcohol or isopropanol. The processing takes place at Steenbeck company editing tables.
  • To avoid re-contaminating the film surfaces, our employees wear gloves when engaged in this work.
  • The film is gently and under low tension pulled with an absorbent cloth and slowly wound onto an empty spool using a film rewinder.
  • If the initial cleaning does not elicit any satisfactory results, we apply other methods to clean the film.


Glued joints and perforation holes

  • Where necessary, we perform the restoring, securing and correcting of glued joints, and also, if applicable, dry them, namely by opening the original glued joints and re-gluing using a film splicer and special film adhesive tape.
  • For the processing of perforation cracking, we use special perforated adhesive tape (Permacell or Per-Fix). Perforation cracks, damage or stops are thus secured and underglued using machine or manual means.
  • The film (and, where applicable, the accompanying cord strip) has a final treatment where required involving leader and trailer lengths (or infeed conveyor).

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